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Hey everyone! Hope Alive Ministry continues to accomplish its many goals thanks to the wonderful staff and volunteers that are apart of this organization. We are thankful for any help we can get. If you can not volunteer at any of our upcoming events, please feel free to donate to help us raise the funds to continue throwing our many events and activities. Any donation, whether big or small, will bring us one step closer to improving the lives of many children and their families. Take a look below at some organizations that help families and children with life-threatening and chronic illnesses.

1. The Dream Factory: The Dream Factory grants wishes to children who are both critically and chronically ill. The age range of these children vary from ages three up until the age of 18. The organization does not limit the dreams they grant to only children with life-threatening illnesses. The Dream Factory believes that children suffering from chronic illnesses also suffer from substantial emotional and physical pain.

2. Make A Wish Foundation: Make A Wish Foundation grants wishes to children age two and a half to eighteen years old who are suffering from life threatening conditions. Their goal is to change the lives of the kids they serve by granting them a wish.

3. A Kid Again: A Kid Again provides activities and adventures throughout the year that allow kids suffering from life threatening illnesses a chance to have fun and feel like a kid. The stress that the illness puts on kids is a reason why they have adventures that allow the kids to get away from all of the stress, have fun, and feel like a normal kid should feel.

4. Grant Angel Wishes & Travel Foundation: Grant Angel Wishes & Travel Foundation grants wishes to children suffering from life threatening illnesses, as well as children and adults suffering from major health problems and are disabled. The organization also grants scholarships to fine arts students and athletes through a program, hoping that they pay it forward and bless others.

5. Hope Kids: Hope Kids provides events and activities for families with children suffering with life-threatening illnesses. Along with events and activities, Hope Kids is a support system for these families to turn to.



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