HAM Christmas Card Party 2018 – Pictures!

On Saturday, November 3, we hosted another card party. This was our 8th party total. We made Christmas cards for children, teens, and thank you cards for caregivers.  

112 cards were made during the party. The cards will be sent to Ronald McDonald Houses and children’s hospitals in the United States. The total number of cards is 138 cards since a friend sent some and students made some at the Pennsylvania Communication Association Annual Conference held at Seton Hill University in Greensburg, PA in October.

We had lots of prizes as well – We let the person who made every 10th card get a prize. 

We also awarded several people who had winning cards in the following categories and gave each winner a Starbucks gift card:

1. Best Kid Card – Annie Stauffer – Paw Patrol

2. Best Teen Card – John Karasek – He’s checking his list… Checking it twice – Santa’s a little compulsive that way. 

3. Best Caregiver Card – Bayley Paharik – Your hands warm hearts

4. Best Overall Design Card – Patrick – Fleece Navidad

Below are the pictures.

Jen Jones – Secretary of HAM Board
Founder & Executive Director of HAM, Bayley Paharik


From left to right: Annie Stauffer, Tara Dinsmore (Vice President of HAM Board), & Jackie Knupp (President of HAM Board)




From left to right: Bayley Paharik & John Karasek
Favor bags
Judging cards
Winning cards – From left to right: Bayley Paharik (Winning Caregiver card), Annie Stauffer (Winning kid card), John Karasek (Winning teen card) & Patrick (Winning overall design card)

Christmas cards - 1

Christmas cards - 2

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