Starting Family of the Month Blog Feature Again!

If you have been following us for awhile you might remember our “Family of the Month” feature on this blog where we featured one family every month who has a child/children ages 0-18 with a life-threatening or chronic illness or who had one who passed away from one who were between the ages of 0-18 when they passed away. We took a lengthy break from it due to not getting any entries, but would like to start it back up in May.

If you have a child/children with a life-threatening or chronic illness or a child/children who passed away from one and are interested for your child to be featured in our “Family of the Month” feature on our blog, please send us the following to us at with the subject line “Family of the Month Feature – May 2018“: 
1. Your child’s birthday and current age or age they were when they passed away (if applicable!)
2. a picture of your child when you found out he/she had their diagnosis and now along with a picture of your family or a picture of your child before they passed away
3. Your child’s favorite thing/s to do or what your child enjoyed doing
4. What you like to do as fun as a family
5. How you found out he/she had their diagnosis (Optional, but recommended for awareness purposes).
6. Sibling’s 1st names & ages if they have any (Optional)
7. Something you wished you knew before your child’s diagnosis that you know now and want every family who has a child with his/her diagnosis like what you’ve learned about how to cherish life due to your child being diagnosed with their diagnosis to know (Where it is that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, etc.)
8. One thing in a paragraph or two about what you’ve learned through your child’s journey/diagnosis.
9. If they have a Facebook or Caringbridge link, please share the link with us in your email.

Please send all pictures via .jpg and the pictures separate (in an attachment) from the other information.

We will then feature it on this blog during the month. 

The child must currently be between 0-18 years of age or between those ages when the child passed away. Also, you must be related to the child in some way. If you are not the parent or legal guardian of the child, you must have the parent or legal guardian’s permission to post.

Your entry will be posted onto the “Family of the Month” tab under the “Support” main tab on this blog. 

Thank you for allowing us to support your family!


We post new blogs every Monday at 8 PM Eastern Standard Time (EST), so be sure to follow our blog for updates. To see new and old posts, go to the “Must Read” page tab. You can also go search under archives. We post new YouTube videos every Friday at 6 PM Eastern Standard Time (EST). 

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