Christmas Card Project 2017!

While it is only October, we want to get Christmas cards sent out as soon as possible to several Ronald McDonald Houses across the country. We probably will only be able to send to five at a time, but eventually want to send to all 14 on our list – There will be a blog post next Monday on how to help us with the financial aspect of Hope Alive Ministry.

We are collecting homemade Christmas cards for children, teens and thank you cards for the families to give to the nurses and caregivers. I (Bayley Paharik, Our Founder & Executive Director) will mail them out to several Ronald McDonald Houses. 

Do you like to make homemade cards? Well, here is your chance. Please keep messages positive and nothing about sickness like “Get better soon” or “I’m so sorry you are sick.” Also, avoid any religious themes, but you may say “Merry Christmas.” The cards will be sent to Ronald McDonald Houses across the country. We have a list of ones that accept homemade cards that we are planning on sending to this time, but we won’t share the list until a bit later on since we haven’t heard from some yet. If you have suggestions of Ronald McDonald Houses to contact, please email us at or use the “Contact Us” form on this blog. We will then tell you if we contacted them already or not. Please include teens as well. Also, you may choose to make some thank you cards (Christmas/holiday themed!) for the families to give to their child/children’s nurses. Deadline is November 17. 

Email or contact us through the “Contact Us” page tab on this blog for the address. Our Founder/Executive Director, Bayley Paharik, will be sending the cards to the various Ronald McDonald Houses or hand delivering some. You may also contact us at either place for any questions. You may use Christmas stickers on your cards. Be creative!

Thank you for bringing sunshine to these families!



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