Teaching Children to Accept People with Special Needs!

Teaching acceptance of everyone is an important lesson especially for children. Children and adult with special needs especially need acceptance. Here are some ways to teach children to accept people with special needs:

1. Tell your child that even though they may look different that they still have feelings and are just like them. 

2. Allow the child to ask questions if they see someone with special needs. It is okay to ask questions and is better to ask then to stare.

3. Allow the child to see similarities between them and the person with special needs. For example, if they are both children, say that the child probably likes to play just like they do. It may just take them a bit longer to learn things, but that it is okay. 

4. Have a positive attitude about people who are different. If your child sees you interact in a positive way with people with special needs, they will see there is nothing to be afraid of.

5. Read some books about children with special needs. The book, “Wonder” is a great one. It is being made into a movie and will be in theatres in November. The book is for ages 8-12. 

Everyone is different and that is perfectly okay. 

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