2017 Leukodystropy Awareness Slideshow!

September is Leukodystrophy Awareness Month and since next month is September, right around the corner. Like last year, I (Bayley Paharik, Our Founder) will be creating a Leukodystrophy Awareness Slideshow. 

If you are interested in your child/children being featured who are between 0-18 or were between those ages when they passed away, please send us the following information to hopealiveministry4you@gmail.com with the subject line “Leukodystrophy Slideshow September 2017” by Monday, August 28, 2017.

1. 1 picture of your child/children (children who have passed away may be included as well!) in .jpg format. Please choose a picture where there’s enough space on top and on the sides where I can add name, birthdate, age passed (if applicable) and type of Leukodystrophy.

2. Please include short story of your child – Example: How old they were diagnosed, when they received a transplant (if applicable) and how you found out they had the Leukodystrophy . No longer than 5-6 sentences in length.

3. Please include if your child/children received a transplant and type of transplant.

4. Child’s Leukodystrophy (If unspecified; please let us know).

5. Child’s birthdate – Day, Month & Year; Please include even if child passed away.

6. Day, Month & Year of child’s passing (If applicable!)

7. Link to child’s FB, Caringbridge site, or Website (If available, so people viewing the slideshow can follow your child’s journey.)

The Leukodystrophy slideshow will be published publicly (where everyone can view it and share it!) on our YouTube site, our Facebook page, our Twitter page and this blog. 

Thank you for allowing us to include your child/children in our slideshow!

*During September, we will be sharing facts about Leukodystrophies, doing some videos on our YouTube channel, and sharing children who are battling a Leukodystrophy or who passed away from one. If you would like us to feature your child this month, please send us their name (first and last or at least last initial), type of Leukodystrophy and one thing you would like everyone to know about Leukodystrophies (e.g why awareness is important to you, etc.) to hopealiveministry4you@gmail.com or you can also type it under the “Contact Us” box.

We post new blogs every Monday at 8 PM Eastern Standard Time (EST), so be sure to follow our blog for updates. To see new and old posts, go to the “Must Read” page tab. You can also go search under archives. We post new YouTube videos every Friday at about 6 PM Eastern Standard Time (EST). 

Hope Alive Ministry Social Media: 

Facebook – www.facebook.com/HopeAliveMinistry

Twitter: @teamhopealive

Instagram: @hopealiveministry 

YouTube: http://bit.ly/2of8Ni4



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