How to help families during summer!

Summer is just around the corner – June 21 in the western hemisphere. Summer is a time to unwind from the school year and to make memories. We sometimes have more time in the summer to do fun things. Families facing life-threatening and chronic illnesses need support in the summer and all year round. Here are 5 ways you can help them during the summer:

1. Make homemade cards – You or your kids if you have any can make homemade cards for children battling life-threatening and chronic illnesses. You can join our card program by sending cards every month to the same children or when they need extra cheering up. Click here to sign up to be a monthly card sender. Click here to sign up to send when children need extra cheering up. You can also send us cards that we will send to Ronald McDonald House in Pittsburgh this summer. Fill out the “Contact Form” on this blog to get our address. 

2. If you have the money, donate money for a family to be able to attend camps or conferences. Camps and conferences for families dealing with similar challenges can help these families feel like they belong. However, sometimes the organization doesn’t provide transportation, so you can pay a little or sometimes the family sells t-shirts to help with the additional costs. If you can’t afford to donate, you can at least share their link. 

3. Go to the library with your children and read books about children facing life-threatening and chronic illnesses. By learning about children who are going through challenges, children can learn compassion. You can then share that you taught your children about kids like theirs with the family by posting on their Facebook page. This means a lot to these families since it showed you took time to care and educate your children. 

4. Pray for these families – Light a candle at church. 

5. Share their story with your children and/or with your friends. Children at a young age can learn compassion from learning about these amazing children and their families. You can help them to draw pictures to send to these children. Showing you care means the world to these families.

*These ideas can be used throughout the year, but you may have more time to do them during the summer while the kids are out of school.

We hope you have a great summer! 

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