The importance of helping others!

Helping others is very important because you never know when you will be in a situation where you will need help. Help can come in multiple ways. It can come in the small ways such as making a card or smiling at someone in need. It can also come in bigger ways such as helping someone financially such as hosting a fundraising event. No matter how big or small you help someone, know that it means a lot to the person you are helping. Some people may not be in the position to help in a bigger way and that is okay, but everyone can help in someway. Everyone can smile at someone or make a card (It doesn’t have to cost much!). Please know that even if the person does not say thank you, doesn’t mean that they are not appreciative. They most likely are, but sometimes they are busy and aren’t able to thank everyone due to the overwhelming amount of support. Try not to be offended and remember why you helped them in the first place – to bless them. 

Helping others is what Jesus calls all Christians to do, but people who are not religious can help as well. One way that you may be called to help someone is by giving someone a voice to the voiceless. For example, you can advocate for laws to help children in need who are unable to speak for themselves. By helping others, you are blessing them and making their lives a bit easier.

How will you help others in need? 


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