How to Best Encourage Children Battling Life-Threatening & Chronic Illnesses!

Children battling life-threatening and chronic illnesses need a lot of encouragement since depending on their disease, their treatments can be very painful or their disease itself can cause them a lot of pain. There is usually also a lot of anxiety involved dealing with their medical struggles. Here are 5 ways to best encourage them:

1. Send them cards. – Children love cards! Keep them positive and nothing about sickness such as “I am sorry you are sick” or “I hope you feel better soon.” Instead write messages such as, “You are amazing!” “Know that you have a friend in me!” “Keep swimming!” 

2. Let them know that you are thinking and/or praying for them (if you are religious!) by commenting on their Facebook page.

3. Send them a link to an inspirational song such as “Fight Song” by Rachel Platten that can help encourage them.

4. Send them a funny picture and telling them that you believe in them. – The funny, but appropriate picture can help them get their minds off things and letting them know you believe in them can help them to realize they have supporters. It can encourage them to never give up.

5. Take a picture saying you are (the child’s name!) Tough to encourage them in their battle and then post it on their social media site.

Most of these ideas require no money and you can do them no matter where you live.

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