Lessons from Special Needs Parents!

We can learn so much from special needs parents. Here are 5 lessons we can learn from them:

1. Cherish life. – Every day is important and we need to cherish everyday since we are never guaranteed tomorrow. 

2. Celebrate accomplishments or milestones. – It takes children with special needs a bit longer to do things and depending on their diagnosis, it can take them a long time to reach a milestone (Sometimes they will never achieve it depending on their diagnosis!) such as walking and smiling. Things that some parents may take for granted, special needs parents learn to celebrate.

3. Know you can’t do everything. – It is okay to ask for help. Special needs parents sometimes need nursing care for their child or help taking care of their other children. It is perfectly okay to ask for help.

4. Learn to be positive. – It is very hard to be positive especially when dealing with a special needs child, but these parents try hard to remain positive. Everyone can learn to be positive and find the good in every situation.

5. Laugh often. – Laughter is the best medicine. Special needs parents learn to enjoy life through their child and to laugh often making memories.

We know special needs parents are not perfect, but we can learn so much from them. What have you learned from special needs parents through following their child either on Facebook, Caringbridge or their website?



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