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Families Welcome!

Hello to all the families out there! If you have a child or children with a life-threatening or chronic illness, or who has passed away from one, we would love to feature you on our blog.

If you are interested, you can email us the following information:

Name of child

Birthdate – Month, Day & Year & angel date – Month, Day & Year (if applicable!)

Child’s Diagnosis

Child’s FB page link, Caringbridge, or blog/website if you have one

at least 1 picture in .jpg of your child

No more than 5 sentences telling us what special about your child

You can send the information to We will then feature you on our blog.

When you share your story we help each other raise awareness of the illness your child has as well as allowing us to get to know about your child or children.

Let’s raise awareness together!



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