Purchase a HAM T-shirt and Win an Item!

We hosted a Giveaway as part of our online FB Rare Disease Day Event on February 28. However, we still have a lot of items that no one commented on to win and we would love to give them away. 

Here are the items left over:

3 original Hope Alive Ministry t-shirts in size medium (1 in white, blue and pink!) *The 1st t-shirt shown below is white, then blue and then light pink.

Global Genes hat – Rare Disease advocacy organization

Global Genes hat.jpg

Global Genes travel coffee mug 

Global Genes travel coffee mug.jpg

1 Global Genes  bag

Global Genes bag.jpg

Global Genes large t-shirt

Global genes large t-shirt.jpg

1 zebra print ribbon magnet


There will be 8 winners.

To win:

1. Purchase a Hope Alive Ministry t-shirt here. Everyone who purchases one will be entered into the Giveaway. We must sell at least 10 more t-shirts for them to print and deadline is March 28th. 

2. Once you purchase a t-shirt (We get an email every time someone purchases a t-shirt!).Comment down below what item you would like to win especially if it’s a t-shirt, so we can make sure the t-shirt fits you. If it’s a Hope Alive Ministry t-shirt, please tell us which color you would like. *The t-shirts we are giving away are the original t-shirts we sold in July 2016, but we are selling t-shirts again, so you’ll get an original and new t-shirt. 

3. Send us your email address at hopealiveministry4you@gmail.com or under the “Contact Us” page tab, so we can contact you if you win for your address. 

We will announce the winners on Monday, March 20 at 8 PM ET.

Thank you for your support!

*This Giveaway is not sponsored by WordPress.com or Facebook, Inc. 




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