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Purchase a HAM T-shirt and Win an Item!

We hosted a Giveaway as part of our online FB Rare Disease Day Event on February 28. However, we still have a lot of items that no one commented on to win and we would love to give them away. 

Here are the items left over:

3 original Hope Alive Ministry t-shirts in size medium (1 in white, blue and pink!) *The 1st t-shirt shown below is white, then blue and then light pink.

Global Genes hat – Rare Disease advocacy organization

Global Genes hat.jpg

Global Genes travel coffee mug 

Global Genes travel coffee mug.jpg

1 Global Genes  bag

Global Genes bag.jpg

Global Genes large t-shirt

Global genes large t-shirt.jpg

1 zebra print ribbon magnet


There will be 8 winners.

To win:

1. Purchase a Hope Alive Ministry t-shirt here. Everyone who purchases one will be entered into the Giveaway. We must sell at least 10 more t-shirts for them to print and deadline is March 28th. 

2. Once you purchase a t-shirt (We get an email every time someone purchases a t-shirt!).Comment down below what item you would like to win especially if it’s a t-shirt, so we can make sure the t-shirt fits you. If it’s a Hope Alive Ministry t-shirt, please tell us which color you would like. *The t-shirts we are giving away are the original t-shirts we sold in July 2016, but we are selling t-shirts again, so you’ll get an original and new t-shirt. 

3. Send us your email address at or under the “Contact Us” page tab, so we can contact you if you win for your address. 

We will announce the winners on Monday, March 20 at 8 PM ET.

Thank you for your support!

*This Giveaway is not sponsored by or Facebook, Inc. 




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