The Future of HAM

Hello, everyone! How are you all doing?

Tonight I (Janis Soucie, Social Media Coordinator) would like to talk to you about the future of Hope Alive Ministry. As some of you may know we are in the process of becoming a non-profit organization.

Here are some things that will be happening in the near future:

  • fundraising
  • selling t-shirts in March
  • we’re having an online auction in April where the money raised will go towards us becoming a non-profit
  • We also will be having more online events such as our upcoming online Rare Disease Day Event on February 28th
  • holding in-person events in the Pittsburgh, PA area

In conjunction to the above, we hope to be able to send care packages to families with a child age 0-16 with a life-threatening or chronic illness. We also look to honor those who had a child who will pass away from a life-threatening illness in the near future. We will call them “Hope Boxes”which are shoe boxes filled with inspirational items, HAM items, and items from organizations similar to our own.

We plan to be able to meet with and interview more families as well as host more drives such as art supply drive that just ended and will do toy drives and book drives to children’s hospitals across the country.

We also want to be able to have people host card parties across the country.  We plan on organizing chapters of HAM starting in Pittsburgh, PA area since that’s where our Founder, Bayley Paharik, is from and moving to other states in the country.

If you have any idea of how we can support more families facing life-threatening and chronic illnesses, let us know. Also, join our Hope Alive Ministry Champions group on Facebook to learn exclusive updates and ways you can help.


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