Acceptance of special needs – The importance of it!

Oftentimes, children with special needs are not accepted by their peers, teachers, and even society. However, children with special needs like all children and everyone deserves to feel accepted and like they belong. The people who accept children with special needs are to be commended. These children are amazing and need to know what it feels like to be loved. Sometimes in other countries, these children are abandoned just because they have special needs. 

It is important to accept children with special needs because they have feelings too and you can learn so much from them. Children learn through example, so once you accept children with special needs others will too. 

We at Hope Alive Ministry want families to know that we accept them. Please know we will always accept children with special needs. Everyone has differences, but differences are not bad. They make us who we are and we can learn so much from differences. All children are special!

Smile at people with special needs! Don’t be afraid of them! And if you have questions, please feel free to ask them, but in a respectful way. Parents of children with special needs often prefer people to ask questions instead of staring. And these children will change your life forever once you get to know them for who they are!



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