Family of the Month – Update by Bayley Paharik!

In the past, we would feature a “Family of the Month” every month sharing their faith throughout their child’s diagnosis. However, we have gotten away from that and have not done it for awhile. 

We would like to feature another family for February 2017. You must have a child/children with a life-threatening or chronic illness in order to participate. If you are interested, please send us the following information to

1. Your affected child’s first and last name (If you only want us to share their first name, we can use their last initial.)

2. Your affected child’s birthday and current age 

3. a picture of your affected child when you found out he/she had the diagnosis and now along with a picture of your family

4. Your affected child’s diagnosis

5. Your child’s favorite thing/s to do

6. What you like to do as fun as a family.

7. How you found out your affected child had the diagnosis (Optional, but recommended for awareness purposes).

8. Your story of faith throughout your affected child’s journey with the diagnosis in a paragraph or two (How your faith has grown through your affected child’s journey/diagnosis despite the storms you faced)

8. Sibling’s 1st names & ages (If they have them!)

9. Something you wished you knew before your affected child’s diagnosis that you know now and want every family who has a child with your affected child’s diagnosis or a similar diagnosis like what you’ve learned about how to cherish life due to your child being diagnosed with the disease to know (Where it is that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, etc.)

10. One thing in a paragraph or two about what you’ve learned through your affected child’s journey/diagnosis.

If you give us permission, we’ll then post this onto this blog. 

*This is on a first come; first serve basis, but we will use other submissions for other months.


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