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Special Needs Gift Ideas – Christmas 2016 Edition!

For the past 2 years (2014 & 2015), we posted a list of some gift ideas for special needs children.

We decided to post a similar list this year.

*Note: These are only ideas gathered from other blogs and in no way is a complete list or a definitive list of what to get for all special needs children. Also, these ideas can be used for children who are not special needs as well. 

Sensory Gift Ideas:

1. Infantino Textured Multi Ball Set by Infantino 

2. 5 Foot Twin Weighted Blanket (For children 8 lbs – 70 lbs) by Lifetime Sensory Solutions – Frozen Fever

3. Easy-grip Soft Foam Sensory Puzzle Blocks (18 pieces) by Edushape 

4. Pull and Stretch and Pull Balls by Rhode Island Novelty 

5. Vibrating Pillow by FlagHouse 


Auditory Gift Ideas – To Help simulate hearing:

1. Train Sound Puzzle by Melissa & Doug

2. Pet Sounds Puzzle by Melissa & Doug

3. Musical Inchworm (For Babies) by Lamaze

4. Rainbow Sound Blocks by Wonderworld

5. Lights and Sounds Buzzers by Learning Resources


Developmental Gift Ideas:

1. Foam Peg Board Toy by Curious Minds Busy Bags

2. Primary Lacing Beads (8 Wooden Beads and 2 Laces) by Melissa & Doug

3. Basic Skills Board by Melissa & Doug

4. Tangle Jr. Fuzzy by Tangle Creations

5. Kaylee & Ryan Circle Bead Maze Wooden Toys for Kids by VidaToy

What are some other gift ideas you have for special needs children?


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