Being Thankful When Life is Hard!

Thanksgiving is this Thursday in the US and it’s another reminder to be thankful. However, it is very difficult to be thankful when life is very difficult and there does not seem much to be thankful about. How can you be thankful when you do not feel very grateful? Here are some tips:

1. Think of one small thing that you are thankful about. – If you recently lost a loved one, be thankful for all the time you had with them even if it was short.

2. Pray – Ask God for wisdom to help you find something to be thankful about.

3. Help others – Offer to bake cookies for someone in need. Doing something for someone else can help you remember to be thankful.

4. Be content in what is. – Be thankful that you have a warm house and food. Be thankful for your faith.

5. Send a card to someone in need. – Let them know you are there and thankful for them.

 Sometimes life is difficult, but try to find at least one thing to be grateful for even if it seems small and not important. Remember we are there and most importantly God is always listening! 


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