Lessons from Dr. Jen Arnold – “The Little Couple!”

I (Bayley Paharik, Founder) was privileged to have met Dr. Jen Arnold from TLC’s “The Little Couple” on November 10th. I purchased her second book, Think Big: Overcoming Obstacles with Optimism, that she wrote with her husband, Bill Klein. I have been reading it since and would like to share some lessons I have learned from it.

Our Founder, Bayley Paharik with Dr. Jen Arnold from TLC’s “The Little Couple”


Trying is the first step in achieving great things. If you never try, you never learn. Trying is difficult whether it is trying to ride a bike for the first time or trying to deliver a public speech. Dr. Jen Arnold had to try and work hard at a lot of things in life even when becoming a doctor. When she was eight, she had to try to get up onto a merry-go-round and ride a horse even though she was in a leg cast from surgery. However, she tried and succeeded. Trying can be scary, but if we do not at least try at something we will never know if we can do it or not. 

H -Hope:

At Hope Alive Ministry, hope is the most important. Growing up, Dr. Jen Arnold underwent a lot of surgeries due to having skeletal dysplasia also known as dwarfism. She had to find hope in anything she could find even in a little stuffed lion she called Flying Lion. She also had to find hope that she would become a doctor even though so many told her she couldn’t. 

I -Initiate:

Sometimes we just have to create opportunities for ourselves. Dr. Jen Arnold had to have initiative to take the first step even in her dating life. She states her kindergarten graduation was the first step in her educational career and ultimately to become a neonatologist at Texas Children’s Hospital.

N -No:

A lot of people will tell us, “No, you can’t do this job; it’s too hard”, but we can not listen to the no’s. If Dr. Jen Arnold listened to everyone who told her, she would never have become a doctor. She had to push forward anyway. 

K -Know:

There are some certainties in life. Know what you can and cannot do. For example, Dr. Jen Arnold learned early on she could not play baseball, but she knew she was good at science. She took her skill of science to her career as a medical doctor. She also had experience first-hand of dealing with skeletal dysplasia and now has two children who she and her husband, Bill Klein, adopted from China and India with skeletal dysplasia. Focus on what you are good at.


Believe that you can succeed at life. Sometimes life is hard, but still believe. Do not give up. Dr. Jen Arnold had to preserve a lot in life to get to where she is too.


Everyone has something they can improve at. Let others a chance to improve, but also help improvements take place. If you are unhappy about the newborn screening system in the United States, speak out about it and why. We are not saying to be violent, but let others know that you want changes to take place. You can make sure improvements happen. Improve yourself always. Do not settle for where you are now. Seek to be better. You have great potential. 

G-Go for It:

Sometimes you have to remove fear and just, go for it. Encourage your loved ones to go for it, so they can achieve their greatest potential too. Life is too short that we just have to go out and conquer whatever dream we have. Dr. Jen Arnold knows this first hand when she received her cancer diagnosis in 2013. She learned she had to go for it despite what people say and her own fear. Go for it and you will succeed in life and perhaps inspire others as well. 


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