How to Best Help Families in Need – In Person and Virtually!

Did you ever wonder how to help families with children facing a life-threatening and chronic illness, but did not know how? 

Here are some ways you can best support them:

1. Be there for them. Let them know you are always there. They may not always respond since they are overwhelmed and are busy, but they appreciate it.

2. Send cards letting them know you care.

3. If you are a praying person, pray for them. It means the world to them.

4. Offer to host a fundraiser for them to help with medical costs. 

5. If they have other children, offer to babysit them. 

Most of these ideas are things for people who know these families personally. How can you help them if you do not know these families on a personal basis? You can send cards (Most post P.O. Boxes on their Facebook pages!) and pray for them even from far away, but here are some other ways you can support them:

1. Share their story with family and friends. – Families love to know that others are supporting their child.

2. Let the family know that you are praying for them and their child.

3. Be encouraging on their Facebook page.- Write encouraging messages. 

4. Raise awareness of the disease their child is battling through sharing facts on your personal Facebook page or blog. – Most of these families created Facebook pages for their child for support, but also for awareness. 

5. Educate yourself on the child’s disease. – You can support these families best by understanding somewhat of what their child is battling. 

These families are going through a lot and need to feel your support. 


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