Following Your Heart – Not Being Afraid to Conquer Big Dreams!

How many times do we resist doing something because we are afraid? It is very normal to be afraid to try new things, but we never learn anything by not trying. 

Following your heart means first believing in yourself and then going after your dreams. Following your heart does not mean you are not being realistic. Instead it means you are chasing your dreams even if you think they are too big to achieve. You know yourself better than anyone else and know your strengths and limitations.

There are people who will discourage us and while it is important to realize they are only trying to help, you need to learn not to listen to the ‘No’s. Do not listen to anyone who tells you that you can not do something because you can if you simply believe in yourself. You may not be a professional dancer or football couch, but you can do something important. Do whatever you feel called to do and conquer it without letting fear get in the way. 

Life is too short, so please do not wait to chase your dreams. Chase them now and you will achieve happiness. Do not have any regrets in life except to not try. Sometimes you will fail in life and other times you will succeed. Use those times to grow you as a person and always be willing to improve. Never settle for what is. Be willing to reach for more, but also be content in knowing you are making a difference. 


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