Christmas Card Party – November 5 & Thankfulness!

We hosted a Christmas card party on November 5 where we made 130 cards. The cards will be sent to Family House in Pittsburgh (an organization similar to Ronald McDonald House), Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, and Nemour’s Children’s Hospital in Orlando, FL. You can help by making cards and sending them to our Founder, Bayley Paharik. More details here. Pictures of our card party are below!





Susan Rauscher, Tara Dinsmore, Jackie Knupp, and Sharon Hackman making cards
Linda Henkel, Susan Rauscher, Tara Dinsmore & Jackie Knupp
Linda, Susan Rauscher, Tara Dinsmore, and Jackie Knupp
Winning Cards: 1. “Merry Mittens” – Best Teen Card Made by Susan Rauscher, Executive Director of Catholic Charities in Pittsburgh 2. “You are the greatest gift of them all!” – Best Message Made by Bayley Paharik, Founder of Hope Alive Ministry 3. “Thumpity”- Best Overall Design Made by Tara Dinsmore 4. “North Pole” – Best Kids Card Made by Tara Dinsmore
Tara Dinsmore with her winning cards





Thanksgiving is in a few weeks and we are especially thankful. We are thankful for everyone who helped at our card party. These cards will bring so much joy to sick children at Christmas.

We are also thankful for all of your support even in our absence. One way you can support us is by sharing our blog and letting other families know we are here to help. Remember to always count your blessings and be thankful everyday. Life is too short! Live life and be hope filled. Brighten someone else’s day.

Our goal is to help support families through sending “Hope Boxes” to families with a child/children ages 0-18 with a life-threatening or chronic illness and those who have one who passed away from one with inspirational items, HAM items, and materials from foundations similar to ours. We also need more activity as that helps us while we work on becoming a non-profit organization. Please know how thankful we are for you, but we need your help. Believe in our cause? Then, please continue volunteering. Volunteers are needed in social media, website design, helping organize in-person and online events and more. Fill out the Contact Us tab and we will get back with you soon. If you are in the Pittsburgh, PA area, please let us know, so we can get you involved with helping at a future in-person event. People from across the country and world may volunteer too. We have plenty of volunteer opportunities available as well. By volunteering, you help us to support more families facing life-threatening and chronic illnesses.

Lots of exciting things to be announced in the near future! Thank you for supporting our journey of becoming a non-profit organization, so we can help more families. 



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