Card Program – More Details!

We mentioned a few weeks ago about creating a card program where children with life-threatening and chronic illnesses will be able to receive cards as well as people be able to send cards to these amazing children. Cards brighten their day so much!

We will be officially launching our program this Thursday and will be sharing the card group then, but wanted to tell you some more details first:

To get on the cards from friends list:
1. Any child between the ages of 2-16 (developmentally) with a chronic or life threatening medical condition can be added to our list that would like a card sent to them. We are currently accepting new children that are not already in another monthly card program as we want children that aren’t already receiving some love to get smiles.
2. Please send Hope Alive Ministry (on Facebook) a private message, with your child’s name (first and last name), birthday (month, day & year), interests (favorite colors, TV characters, etc.), any allergies (Food or other such as latex since sometimes our card senders like to send small goodies like candy for the holidays, so we want to make sure everything is safe for your child or if they can have anything by mouth), diagnosis, a recent picture of your child (within the last year or so!) and current address, Facebook, Caringbridge or website page link for your child and that you are interested in them being added to our card club.

3. The child must be living in your home full time to be added to our list

4. We require for you to have a Facebook page, Caringbridge, or website for your child      and permission forms to be signed electronically before any child is added to our card program . You must also give us permission to share your child’s picture, child’s birthday and social media page link in our closed group (anyone can find the group and who is in it, but only members can see posts), so our card senders and families can get to know your child and so the card senders can be tagged with the child or children they will be sending to. The Facebook group will closed, so only members can see posts. Please share the link for your Facebook, Caringbridge, or website via private message through our Facebook page.

Once you message Hope Alive Ministry, Bayley (Founder) or Janis (Program Manager) will be able to get you all of the information needed to be a part of our mailing list. We are unable to accept any siblings to our card program since there are so many sick children to send to.

11. To become a card sender:

Please send Hope Alive Ministry a pm with a little note as to why you would like to send cards and how many child or children you would like to send with as well as if you would prefer to be matched with a boy or girl and their age range (if you have a preference).

Once you message the page, Bayley (Founder) or Janis (Program Manager)  will be able to get you all of the information that you will need to become one of our amazing card senders and you can then request to join our group (Link will be provided on Thurand see all of the smiles that you help to put on these amazing kids faces!

Thank you! We are so excited to be launching this new program and can not wait to see the smiles on these children faces.


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