Letter to Hope Alive Ministry Supporters!

Letter to Hope Alive Ministry Supporters written by our Program Director and Founder, Bayley P.:

Attention to Hope Alive Ministry Supporters:

As we grow and strive to reach more families facing life-threatening and chronic illnesses, we need your help even more. 

Our motto is Romans 12:12: “Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction and faithful in prayer.” We want to encourage everyone one of you to never give up hope.



We would love to be able to reach more families and you can help us!

Here are some ways in how you can help us:

1st: Please consider joining our team. We need dedicated people who have a strong commitment towards helping these families. We have jobs available for anyone around the world. Most of these jobs can be done right inside your home from promoting us to helping plan events, writing blog posts, and much more. If you are interested, please contact us at hopealiveministry4you@gmail.com. We are especially interested in finding people in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area (no more than an hour away!) as that is where we are based. We will then contact you and try to match your gifts to the best job for you. This would be a volunteer position! You may also contact us via this blog through our “Contact Us” page.


2nd: Subscribe to this blog if you haven’t already. This helps people know you are interested in receiving our content. We strive to post twice a week; every Tuesday and Thursday. 

3rd: “Like” our FB page if you haven’t already. *Must have a FB page to “Like” it. You may also click the sidebar on this blog when you scroll down to “Like” it. 

4th: Subscribe to our YouTube channel by clicking here; We will try to post videos on there more frequently, but if you subscribe we will know you are interested in receiving our content.

5th: Fill out our survey by clicking here if you haven’t already. This helps us to evaluate our external and internal communications and to better serve you. The deadline is currently May 28th, but we will extend it if you want us to. It only takes a few minute 

6th: Let us know that you are interested in a card group. We will be releasing it in the near future, but would like to know that you are interested in participating. More details can be found by clicking here. Further details will be shared within the next few months.

Finally: Invite people to join our exclusive Hope Alive Ministry Champions group designed to connect people committed to our cause, find out exciting news about us, learn how you can help, offer suggestions and much more. You must have a Facebook account to join. Click here to request to become a Hope Alive Ministry Champion. Also, please give us your feedback which can be given through the survey as well, in the “Contact Us” page tab on this blog, the comments of any blog posts and via email at hopealiveministry4you@gmail.com. 


We will be sharing more updates in the near future, so be sure to follow our posts.

Thank you for all of your support and for being a Hope Alive Ministry Champion!


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