Making Memories – Savoring Everyday!

Memory: “Something remembered from the past; a recollection.” 

Think of your most powerful memory from your growing up years.

Now, close your eyes and remember all the details.

What was so special about that particular memory?

Most of you will probably say, spending time with family or loved ones.

A memory does not have to be a big experience. It can be something as simple as eating ice-cream for breakfast.

For families who have a child with a life-threatening or chronic illnesses, creating memories is even more important as time is of the essence. 

And the memories are forever preserved in photos and videos.

So many of these families create bucket lists to help achieve these important memories.

For them, these experiences are like milestones. They may never see their child walk or talk, but they get to see their child experience life to the fullest. The disease takes so much away from their child, so these memories mean even more.

We encourage you to savor everyday and create memories that last a life-time because tomorrow is never promised. We only have today!

Photo credit:

Memories matter because these children matter!

And everyday matters! Make memories and savor everyday!



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