Being a Light to Others!

It is very important to receive encouragement from others, but we can also inspire others in our own way. 

Share your light to others! 

Offering Encouragement:

Share words of comfort that has helped you in hard times.

 Let them know that they can get through this storm of life.

Never stop offering a kind word. They might not respond right away due to their own hurt, but knowing that you are always there means the world.

Be You!

By being yourself, you can be a light to others. Smile at them… Be a shoulder for them to cry on. Listen to them… Just be the great friend that you are!

Share the Promise of Hope:

Let them know that hope is there no matter how far away it seems.

By letting them know that hope exists, it helps them find great comfort.

And remember that you are a light just by being you!

Let your light shine brightly! And keep changing lives for the better!

How will you let your light shine?

Light shining brightly!







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