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We love hearing how families facing life-threatening and chronic illnesses deal through their struggles with such grace. Share your child’s story battling a life-threatening or chronic illness especially how you’ve gained faith through your experience and we might include you as a “Family of the Month” on this blog! We also might include you as a special guest post on this blog. We can include children who have passed away and they must be between 0-18 years of age. Be sure to include a picture of them along with their diagnosis and age they are currently or age they were when they passed as well as their birthdate (day, month & year) and day, month & year they passed away (If applicable!).
Send all information to!

We appreciate you!

Our Founder, Bayley P. with Tori Brackbill & her parents – February 26, 2016; Tori passed away from Krabbe Disease on March 27, 2016; Tori’s FB page: Tori’s Triumph – Team Tori
Our Founder, Bayley P. with Anniston – February 26, 2016; Anniston is battling Krabbe Disease, a rare genetic disorder that affects the central and peripheral nervous systems Photo credit: Our Bazar Life;; FB page: Always Anniston



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