Being a Voice for children with life-threatening and chronic illnesses!

Here at Hope Alive Ministry, we strive to be a voice to all children battling life-threatening and chronic illnesses.

These children often do not have a voice (given their age or depending on their disease), so we must be their voice.

What does being a voice mean?

For one, it means advocating for change.

Many of these diseases do not have enough awareness and without awareness, there are not access to better treatments. This also depends on the disease it is.

For some diseases, there needs to be Newborn Screening since these diseases are treatable with early detection. For others, there needs to be more updated treatment options (e.g. chemotherapy targeted more to children instead of using adult drugs). A lot of these diseases only have treatments available to treat the symptoms, but not the disease. That is why early detection is so vital! 

How can you be a voice?

  • Make people aware of these awful diseases. Tell doctors and everyone you know about them.
  • Write to your legislators asking for change (e.g. Newborn screening!)
  • Show that you care. – Share these children stories. Let people know who these amazing children are.
  • Be patient and never give up hope.

How will you be a voice to these children?


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