How Children can Inspire Us!

Children can inspire us in so many ways especially those battling terminal (e.g. life-threatening) and chronic illnesses.

Through our Founder, Bayley P., following so many children over the years, she has learned so much from them.

Here are some ways they have inspired her:

1. They never give up. – Often times when we are going through trials, we tend to give up. But these kids, fight and fight without ever giving up.

2. They show so much love. – Even the kids who can no longer speak or move because of their disease, show love. They know what love is all about just by being pure!

3. They are advocates. – Despite some of these kids not being able to speak, they are advocates by just being them. They truly make a difference!

4. They love life. – Most of these families have bucket lists for their child and you can just tell by the pictures, how much the child enjoys each moment despite saying a word or being able to smile.

We can learn so much from these amazing children! Never take a moment for granted! Make the most of everyday!



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