Moving Awareness into Action!

Some people say that just awareness is pointless as there needs to be more action. Awareness is very important because through sharing the facts about these horrible diseases, more people are then aware. And doctors, nurses, therapists, etc. might then learn about a disease they did not know about before. But why does that matter? For most of these diseases, early detection is key. So by doctors and therapists learning about a disease, they can diagnose it sooner and therefore, there are more treatment options.

However, there needs to be more than awareness. There needs to be action! There needs to be newborn screening for these diseases (if the disease is treatable with early detection!) and there needs to be more funding. 

How can you move awareness into action?

By advocating! Contact your state legislators often and by more people contacting them, hopefully then there will be action.

One person can make a difference!

Keep raising awareness, but don’t forget to advocate as well.

Advocate for change! And hopefully with enough voices, there will be action!

And then, hopefully that action will spark a cure!



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