Turning Sadness into Action

Everytime, a child passes it is very difficult. Our heart breaks for those left behind here on Earth. It is easy to be sad and no longer support these families. But these families need support even more then. How can we turn sadness into action? Here are some tips:

1. Write an encouraging word on their Facebook “Like” page for their child to the family. – Say you are praying for them. Avoid giving advice. Even advice given with the best of intentions can be hurtful to the families during grief. 

2. Advocate for these children. – Spread awareness. Share posts they share. – Ask people to contact legislators if there is an active bill in the state the family is from. 

3. Keep following, supporting and loving these families. – Love hurts, but we miss out on getting to know these amazing families by not still following pages of sick children.

4. Mention the child’s name on anniversary and birthdays and anytime you are thinking of them a little extra. – The parents love it when you remember their child. 

Remember that while you will continue to be sad, action will bring about a cure! We need a cure for these diseases stealing away these children. 

Awareness = More Action = More Funding = Cure


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