Being Grateful Despite Life’s Difficulties

It is not easy to be grateful all the time especially when we are facing very challenging situations such as struggling to pay finances or encountering a lot of disruption at our home or work life. However, when we focus so much on our difficulties, we are unable to be grateful for the everyday blessings. It is a choice to be grateful when we are struggling, but choosing to be so can bring about so much joy to others. 

Families who have children facing life-threatening and chronic illnesses tend to be more grateful for what they have because they realize that they are fortunate to still have their child. For some, they were close to losing their child, so they are more grateful for even the difficulties of life. 

By helping others find joy and inspiring others, you can learn to be grateful for everyday life. Next time, you feel like you are complaining, take the time to pause and be thankful for what you have. Helping others who are going through difficult times can help you learn to be thankful. 

After all, helping others is the key to happiness. 


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