The Beginning of Hope Alive Ministry!

Since we have so many new followers on this blog as well as our Facebook account, we thought we would share how our Founder, Bayley P., started Hope Alive Ministry.

Here is her story in her own words:

One day at the beginning of 2012, I was sitting around thinking which was not uncommon for being a writer. I started thinking about what my purpose was in life. I was just getting acquainted with Facebook having only signed up for an account the previous August. I saw how there were a lot of Christian Facebook pages sharing God’s word, but not really any about inspiring others. While I strongly believe sharing God’s word was important, I also thought there needs to be a Facebook page simply about inspiring others. Life is difficult sometimes and sometimes all people need is inspiration and hope. So it came to me… I would start a Facebook page inspiring others and call it Hope Alive Ministry. I would help others find hope. I created the Facebook page on January 9, 2012 and thus, Hope Alive Ministry was born. At the time, I thought I might get maybe ten or so “Likes”/followers, but I quickly got one-hundred in only a few hours of starting the page.

At first, I wanted to target my page to only Christians, but then I wanted to reach more people, so I decided to welcome everyone to my page as long as they respected each other’s beliefs. In May 2012, I started following sick children pages on Facebook and became attached to these children. I wanted to help them and their families so badly. I saw the deep pain these parents felt and wanted them to feel support and hope. So, a few years later as I become more of an advocate, I decided to still inspire everyone, but make the focus families facing life-threatening and chronic illnesses. Today, we continue to inspire others through raising awareness, providing outreach, and offering support. We appreciate your support! I could not do this without all of our supporters and team. Thank you, all!

*Next: How You Can Become an Advocate and Support These Families!





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