Providing Ongoing Support for Families!

Often times when a child is diagnosed with a life-threatening or chronic illnesses, they get a lot of initial support, but when the child is out of the “crisis zone” so to speak, that support begins to wane. The support especially tends to wane after the child passes away from the disease. One of our goals at Hope Alive Ministry is to provide ongoing support to families facing life-threatening and chronic illnesses through their child’s battle and after their child’s passing. No matter how well or how not so well the child might be doing at the present time, we will never stop supporting your family. Even when the child passes away, we will continue supporting your family through prayers, cards, etc. You will never be alone! You will always be apart of the Hope Alive Ministry family. 

One of the biggest ways we support these families is through making slideshows and with our “Family of the Month” feature. If you want your child to be featured in a slideshow (where we feature several children with the same disease in a slideshow and raise awareness of the disease; we can also highlight one child per slideshow and share their story) or with our “Family of the Month” feature (where we feature a child per month & focus on the family’s faith), please let us know. You can send us a quick message on our “Contact Us” page tab on our blog and all messages then get filtered to our email, We try to respond to messages as fast as possible. 

Let us know how we can best provide ongoing support to your family! We will consider all ideas, but please know that we are unable to provide financial assistance at this time. 


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