The Heart of Christmas – Giving Back!

Here at Hope Alive Ministry we encourage giving back to your community by sponsoring a child for Christmas (Buying presents for that specific child) or by donating gentle used toys and clothes to Goodwill or Salvation Army.

Some people might think of giving back simply in terms of money such as buying a toy for someone in need, but there are more ways to give back that cost little to no money.

Jill Nystul, author of One Good Life and author of the One Good Thing blog gave several tips of how to give back. Even though, she wrote her post last year, they can still apply to today. Here are several ideas she gave on giving back: 

  • Bake and take Christmas cakes and cookies to nursing and retirement homes. While you’re there…sing a few Christmas carols.

  • Take your kids with you to the store with a list for the food bank, let them pick out the items so it becomes more meaningful for them.


  • Make time for your kids to see their grandparents — or at least talk on the phone — and learn more about their history. Recording or writing down stories of the past are gifts you and your family will treasure in the years to come.

  • Whether it’s the elderly couple whose driveway needs shoveling or the single mom who could use a mother’s helper, you probably have someone on your own block who could use a hand. Your family may be able to offer the lifeline they need during the holiday season.

  • Start a holiday tradition of allocating a certain amount of money for each child to give to a charity of their choice. Make the money one of the kids’ gifts under the tree or in their stocking on Christmas morning in the form of a homemade gift certificate.

  • Make your extended family Christmas party a “Sub For Santa party”. Assign each family things to buy for a family in need and then at the party wrap and deliver the items. Much more fun than having to come up with a white elephant or gift exchange gift!

  • Make personal hygiene stockings for a local homeless shelter. Personal hygiene items can be bought in bulk fairly cheaply. Throw in some candy and hats, scarves or mittens with a hand-written note. A good project for the entire family!

The above list was originally posted on Jill Nystel’s blog, One Good Thing on her post titled, Ideas for “Giving Back” This Christmas! and can be found by clicking here.

How did you give back this Christmas or how do you plan to give back? Even though, Christmas is this Friday, it’s never too late to give back. We would love to know how you gave back or plan to give back because that truly is the heart of Christmas! 


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