Gift Ideas for Special Needs Kids – Christmas 2015 Edition!

Last year, we posted a list of some ideas to get for special needs children.

We decided to post a similar list this year.

*Note: These are only ideas gathered from other blogs and in no way is a complete list

or a definitive list of what to get for all special needs children.

Sensory Gift Ideas:

Teeter Popper – Helps improve core strength as well as simulate the senses; can be found 

on the Fat Brains website and Amazon in pink, blue, and green.

Spin Around Kids – Improve core strength and develops balance; can be found on 

the Fat Brains website, Amazon, Toys R Us, and other stores that sell toys. 


Touch and Feel Books – Any touch and feel books such as “Pat the Bunny”, “Pat the Cat”,

etc. These books can help simulate the senses. All of the “Pat” books can be found on


Dado Squares – Works on fine motor skills; Can be found on the Fat Brains website

and on Amazon.

Visual Gift Ideas – To Help improve vision:

*Note: The following is from a Bringing Up Betty blog post:

Giant Slinky – the bright colors grab their attention and can visually teach concepts like

up, down, big, small, tall, short, as well as encouraging gross motor skills and movement.

Musical Instruments – for auditory stimulation and musical enjoyment. Favorites: B. Parum Pum Pum Drum | Kilofly Kids Mini Band | Honher Kids Band | Hape Early Melodies Mighty Band

Noggin-Stik – light up rattle that changes colors as you shake it.

Light Up Bluetooth Speaker – several are sound responsive. A great way to visually engage with music that your child loves! Favorites: Wireless Party Speaker with LED Light Show | JBL Pulse Wireless Speaker | Dancing Water Speaker

Developmental Gift Ideas:

Green Toys Shape Shorter – Helps kids learn colors and shapes along with helping

with fine motor skills; Can be found on Fat Brains website and Amazon.

Simple Puzzles – Melissa & Doug puzzles such as this one are great for fine motor skills

as well as teaching problem solving skills. 

Bead Maze – This one by Melissa & Doug helps teach fine motor skills and problem solving.

It can be found on Amazon, but any bead mazes will do.

Peg Games – Peg games can teach fine motor skills and problem solving. Check out this

one on Amazon.


What are some other gift ideas you have for special needs children?


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