In EVERYTHING give thanks?

Next Thursday, the 26th, is Thanksgiving in the United States.

Almost every Tuesday & Thursday this month, we’ve been guest blog posts from 

special needs parents featuring what they are thankful for.

Today’s post comes from a special needs mom, Cindy from Special Needs

Below, she shares how she can give thanks even despite the difficulties of raising a

son with special needs:

Confusing? Wrong? Let’s see what God’s word has to say:

Ephesians 5:18, “In everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ


As a young mom of a son with special needs, it was hard for me to be thankful for the

condition of my son. I wanted him to be “normal” like everyone else seemed to be.

I wasn’t outwardly or inwardly angry at God nor did I dislike, hate, or not want to

be around others whose children were “normal.” But it wasn’t easy saying “thanks”

to God for the many health, behavior, mental, and food issues my son was dealing

with and for which I had to care 24/7.

Coming home from an evening with several other families, I remember saying to Joe,

“It’s amazing to know the background (of one particular family—that included

heavy drug use and drinking) of the parents and to see that they had 3 beautiful,

talented, and smart kids. We didn’t do those things and look what happened to our

son.” Also knowing the condition of the marriage of this particular family, Joe said

to me, “Cindi, imagine if Joey were in that family. He would not get the kind of love

and attention he would need.

We need to give thanks that we can take care of him … even though we might not be 

thankful for all the conditions he has.”

Those were life changing words that soothed my heart and became a turning point

for how I prayed for our son and how I lived life out daily. No matter how hard

situations in Joey’s care were, I knew I could give thanks in the moment, in the

caring, in the hardships, even if I wasn’t thankful for them. It was heart-changing

for me.

I imagine you have something in your life for which it’s hard to be thankful. Can I

challenge you to join me in finding a way to give thanks in the situation? It would be

a good exercise this month of Thanksgiving, but also a great exercise for the rest of

our lives.


The post above was originally posted on Not Alone, a blog where several writers write about special needs  and how to find faith and friendship throughout the journey. The

above post can be found by clicking here


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