Why I’m Thankful for the Special Needs Community

November is the beginning of Thanksgiving month. Almost everyday this month,

we will be posting what people especially special needs families are thankful for.

Below is a guest post from a special needs mom on how she is thankful for the Special

Needs Community:

I’m thankful for the special needs community…

For the teachers, therapists, staff, and paraprofessional extraordinaire, “Mrs.Z,” who

have all cared for, assisted, taught, reassured, laughed with (not at) and hugged my big

boy for the last four years. Ethan’s accomplishments couldn’t have come without the

nurturing experiences we’ve had at our school. Every year has been better than the

last, because as he keeps growing and changing, his team keeps finding ways to work

with him, encourage him and meet his needs.

For the two most amazing school bus drivers ever, taking the time to forge a bond and

build a relationship with my often quiet, reserved, child. Thank you for keeping him safe

on the bus ride to school, for always making him comfortable and for always trying.

For the counselors and staff of Camp Sunrise, (specifically Meghan, Tara, Alex, Alec,

Jorian, Liam and Anna) for giving my son the same opportunities available to typical

kids… and for allowing siblings without disabilities to register. Both kids get to share

the same fun and strengthen their sibling bond for seven weeks each summer.

For the many local and national autism organizations that have partnered with

businesses and entertainment venues to provide training and/or sensory sensitive

events for families to enjoy. Whether it’s a sensory friendly movie, a speed pass at an

amusement park, special seating at a MLB game, specially-trained hair stylists, surfing

and swim instructors, or aware wait staff or sales associates, your accommodations

are incredibly appreciated by our family.

For the state of Connecticut’s DEP, from creating Camp Harkness (campground

specifically for families with disabilities). Given my children’s interest-turned-obsession

with tent camping, it was wonderful to discover Camp Harkness. Even with my

aging eyesight, I can keep an eye on the kids, regardless of where they are in the

beach-playscape-tent site triangle. It’s especially nice that when they leave the beach

to go on the playscape, I can remain there to enjoy a good book. It’s also nice that

when Ethan wants to swim at 7 a.m., I can easily accompany him to the shore with

coffee in hand.

And, lastly, for all the special needs bloggers, websites, Facebook pages, mailing

lists and online communities, which often print the same conversations I’m having

with myself in my head. For once again proving I’m not alone, my kids are supported

and that there is a great big world out there for us.

And that world  is wonderful.


The post above was originally posted on The Mightya blog where special needs

parents can share their stories. The above post can be found by clicking here


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