Halloween is still Good No Matter How you do it: Special Needs Halloween!

Below is a guest post from Brenna’s mom from Blessed by Brenna on how even if

Halloween is different with special needs, it is still okay:

No matter how you do Halloween, we’re all #doingood

Every Halloween, my brother and I would brainstorm about what we wanted to be –

and then my mom would break out her sewing machine. Each year, she sewed

these adorable, sometimes very elaborate costumes for us…sometimes even matching or

themed, like when my brother was a bumblebee and I was a flower.

It made Halloween so incredibly special for us, though I probably appreciate my

mom’s sewing efforts much more now as a mom myself.  I realized early on in my

motherhood journey that handmade costumes just weren’t happening for us. I’m

continuing to learn where my skills and priorities lie, and I’m totally fine with that!

Bonus for me, though, my parents can hardly stand to get rid of anything…so who now

has many of those hand-made Halloween costumes? My kids!

That bee costume that my brother wore decades ago was given a second lease on life

when Connor wore it in 2010… and then Brenna wore it in 2014 .

It’s easy to put unnecessary expectations on ourselves as moms when the holidays

roll around, especially because there are so many awesome activities and traditions

and cute crafts that we could be doing. But could bedoesn’t equal should be.

Two years ago, Brenna was dairy-intolerant, and she wasn’t even eating by mouth.

It brought forth a whole new appreciation for celebrating holidays, even in the simplest

of ways. All I wanted that year was for her to get to devour a Reese’s cup at Halloween

and to sit around the table with us sampling the mashed potatoes at Thanksgiving.

Last year was the first year she was able to truly “participate” in all of the holiday

activities. It was freezing cold, and we were only able to trick or treat on our

little cul-de-sac. We were still getting settled from moving in and I didn’t do any sort

of Halloween activities with the kids. But who cares? We all had an amazing time

simply getting dressed up and snacking on some candy. I was so grateful that for

the first time, Brenna actually got to eat her treats with her brother.

Sometimes experiences are awesome simply because of how we choose to react to

them. We as parents can make practically any experience exciting and memorable,

just by being together and being excited.

I read a fantastic quote in Jen Hatmaker’s new book For the Love, where she wrote:

“If you worry about being a good parent, you probably are one.”

This year, Brenna gets to wear a mouse costume that I wore 30 years ago. 30! It’s

so fun seeing her scurry around (pun intended) in her little costume, tail dragging.

I may not be spending hours sewing every Halloween like my mom did (thanks Mom!!),

but I get to reap the benefits of my mom’s time and effort still.  

No matter what you “accomplish” as a parent – whether your costumes are hand-made

or hand-me-downs, whether you plan an elaborate Halloween party or barely get a

pumpkin carved (that was us last year) – we’re all just doing our best in this parenting

thing. And it’s time we start celebrating that, instead of putting pressure on ourselves

or other parents. Take a minute this Halloween to tell another parent that

you notice how they’re #doingood How empowering would it be if, instead of sizing

each other up, we recognized each other’s efforts and celebrated this parenting journey


Happy Halloween!


Original post was shared from Blessed Brenna. Post above was shared on the blog post,

titled, “No matter how you do Halloween, we’re all #doing good.”


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