How Can You Help Children with Cancer?

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and you might be wondering how to

help children with cancer.

Here are some ideas:

1. Raise awareness. – Share the posts. Share the facts. Great resources to look at

are St. Baldrick’s Foundation, Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, Ty Louis Campbell

Foundation, CureSearch, and Ronan Thompson Foundation

2. Donate to foundations such as St. Baldrick’s Foundation, Ronan Thompson

Foundation, and Thinking of Nikki Foundation. – These foundations help support

children with cancer. St. Baldrick’s and Ronan Thompson Foundation helps

raise money for research.

3. Pray for these amazing kids or keep them in your thoughts and prayers. 

4. Send handmade cards to kids with cancer (If you need names of kids to send cards

to, contact us at – These cards brighten their days

so much. When sending these cards, please avoid any religious messages or anything

like “I’m so sorry you are sick,”, “Get better soon.”, I’m sorry that you’re dying.”

Keep messages encouraging such as: “I’m thinking of you.” “You’re an All Star.” 

“You are amazing!” “You make me smile!” “Stay strong!”

5. Write encouraging messages on their Facebook “Like” pages. *If you need kids

to encourage, contact us at





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