Childhood Cancer Awareness Month – The Siblings

Today marks the 1st day of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

Siblings of sick kids are often forgotten- not on purpose of course.

Below is a post from a popular blog, “The Mighty:”

 Hey there,

I heard you’re the sibling to a child with special needs, and I wanted to write

you a letter explaining why you have a one-up on life. I know your life might seem hard

or different from your friends, but trust me, you most definitely will be more prepared

for this life than anyone else. Let me explain…

I heard you deal with more than any child should. Your parents spend a lot of time

away from you. You know they’re taking care of your sibling, possibly bringing him

or her to the doctor. Maybe your sibling is admitted in the hospital often; your

parents might be on the phone taking care of insurance business or even physically

caring for your sibling. I know, my friend. You see this more often than not.

You see the love your parents have for your special sibling, and it’s being 

embedded into your heart. You see the patience they exhibit when caring

for him or her, and it’s being buried into your soul. You see that your

parents never stop trying to get what your sibling needs, and it’s being

 ingrained into your mind. You see your parents exhaust themselves

so your sibling and you are well taken care of, and you’re learning from this. 

You may not know it, but all of these little things are teaching you traits of how to be an

amazing person.

I’m certain that being the sibling to a child with different needs is a struggle.

I know you have those moments where your heart stings with jealousy,

where you’re worried sick over your sibling. I know you have those moments

when you get mad because you can’t go to all the birthday parties you want to.

All of those times are totally understandable. You have a right to be upset 

every now and then, but I can bet that you can think of some pretty cool things

you have in your household that your friends don’t. How about all the cool

equipment your sibling has, huh? I know you’ve climbed into that wheelchair

or played with his super cool assistive technology toys. How about getting to

see your sibling reach a milestone and that proud feeling that overcomes your

body? You get to experience a friendship like no other. Your sibling completely

and utterly trusts and loves you with a love that can penetrate the coldest

heart. They look at you with those beautiful eyes and know you’re there

for them no matter what. The bond you have is indescribable.

You’re their sibling, their friend and their protector. Your sibling might not

speak verbally, but we both know your hearts together carry on conversations

us adults could never possibly understand.  And I tell you what, we’re so

extremely jealous.

Did you know your parents watch you and your sibling’s interactions on a

daily basis and their heart literally wants to burst out of their body with

pride and love? They see everything you do for your brother or sister. 

They notice when you walk by and give them a quick kiss, stroke their hair

or give them a hello. Your mom and dad love to witness you sticking up

for your special sibling or when you go out of your way to make sure 

he or she is included in everything. They quietly observe you as you help

with therapies, put oxygen masks back in place and hold hands during tests

or doctor visits. Your parents recognize every time you perch yourself on

the counter to help prep medicines or bring them a diaper, a syringe or

whatever else they need. You do such a crazy amazing job helping your parents.

It surely takes a wonderful little boy or girl to do what you do on a daily basis.

I’m sure they tell you thank you, but sometimes if they don’t just know they are beyond

thankful for you. 

But most important of all, my dear one, the reason you are going to rock this life: 

You know true love, you know true heartache and you know what’s truly

important. You have lived a life that takes a strong heart and a strong mind.

You will mature much faster than your schoolmates (don’t be too hard on them),

you’ll exhibit compassion that astounds others, you’ll know more about

healthcare than 95 percent of adults you pass on the street, and you will

most definitely have a wicked sense of humor that will enable you to keep

life joyful no matter what. When you were introduced to your sibling with

 complex needs for the first time, that moment in time is pinned in the stars,

for it was then that your destiny was determined. You will be an awesome

human being and you’re going to change lives for the better… all because

you were the sibling of a child with special needs. Rock on, my brave friend.

All my love,

The momma of a child like you and your special sibling

Note: This post first appeared on Mommies of Miracles.

Post is shared from The Mighty


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