Seeking God – Understanding the True Gift of Seeking Him

Sometimes seeking God can be viewed as a bad thing because some believe 

when someone needs to seek God that he or she is weak in their faith.

Faith can falter; it is totally normal. However, just because one needs to seek God

does not necessarily mean that his or her faith is not strong enough.

In fact, perhaps it is important to view this in a different light.

Instead of saying someone is weak in his or her faith, let’s say someone is strong.

This person understand the need to be closer to God.

They realize that they need to know God more deeper.

And are willing to read scripture and understand God’s true word.

Perhaps, this person is willing to sit down with someone who is skilled in God’s word

and have a heart to heart about the wisdom of God.

But maybe there is a need to take that a step further:

Maybe, everyone should seek God despite how well they know Him.

The more we seek God, the more we can be like Him.

And is that not what God calls each of us to do?

Seek Him, know Him, and love Him.

No one can know God perfectly, but seeking Him can be helpful in how we relate

to people.

How will you seek God more fully?


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