Living Life One Day at a Time

Imagine this: 

Babies are crying. Toddlers are screaming. Appointments are endless. Work refuses to slow down.

Does that scene seem familiar? Life is often hectic with chaos happening 

all around us. It is easy to get angry and to feel discouraged. It is perfectly normal to 

feel burned out or hopeless. But especially during those moments, we need to pause.

Just step away. Sometimes, we cannot step away physically, but we can emotionally.

Take a deep breathe and count to ten (It really does work!) and then you can readdress the

situation. Remember that the bad moment or the bad day or bad year will not last forever.

Someday, the chaos will lessen and there will be peace. Someday, your children will be all 

grown up. And the appointments will become more manageable and you might find another

job or work will be easier to handle. 

Live one day at a time and you will get through it. 

Have hope! Believe! Live! 




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