The Beauty of Friendship

Did you ever have a friend who you were so thankful to have?

Friends are there for you through thick and thin. They cry with you and rejoice with 

you. They laugh with you and listen to you.

In the special needs world, sometimes people lose who they thought were their


When someone’s child is diagnosed with a life-threatening illness,

sometimes their friends decides not to be friends anymore.

This is also often true when someone loses their child.

But then they find support and friendship again. Other special needs families

connect with them and want to be their friend.

That connection is so important & lifts them up.

Be a friend to a special needs family.

Be a friend to someone who does not really have anyone.

Be that person to lift them up and support them no matter what.

The family or person you befriend will always be thankful for you.

Proverbs 18-24


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