Learn, Laugh, Live – Appreciating Life’s Difficult Moments!

Did you ever have a moment or days where it was very difficult and you just

pull your hair out? Ever experience your children fighting and just refusing to 

listen to you? 

If so, you are not alone. It is very normal to experience those moments, but

even in those moments there is something to learn.

Lessons Through Difficult Moments:

1. It will eventually pass. – They [Children] are only little for a short amount of

time. Cherish these moments even when they are difficult.

2. Grace can happen through the most difficult moments. – Forgiveness 

occurs when you can act calmly when chaos arises. However, it can also

happen when you do not act calmly, but learning how your child reacted

to your anger and wanting to be calmer.

3. Trust in God. – Through the most difficult of times, you can learn to trust

God more fully by asking Him for guidance and grace.

4. The power of hope – You can become hope filled that things will get better

and therefore learn the true power of hope. Hope never disappoints and is

not a false sense of optimism, but rather a sense of trust.


Laughing during difficult moments is not always helpful. In fact, it can sometimes

escalate the situation. However, laughter can sometimes be the best medicine. 

If we are having a rough day, sometimes it is important – even necessary

to take a step back from the situation. And laughter can set us free.



Learn and Laugh come before live because before we can truly live we need

to learn from our difficult moments and then laugh during them. 

The real challenge comes with living. It is so easy to stay upset about something

that is difficult for a very long time and therefore, very challenging to move on.

But we can’t live in the past. We just have to keep living. One way to do that is

to acknowledge we are not perfect; there will be hard days, but they will not last forever.

Another way is to have fun. Spend time with your loved ones. 

Once we are able to do those two things, living becomes easier to do.

Let go of the bitterness and celebrate life because it [life] is too short.


How do you deal with difficult moments? We would love to hear your thoughts

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