“Why Me?” – Understanding God’s Ways By Bayley P.

When things are difficult for us, we often ask “Why Me”?

When we want to know why God allowed for something to happen,

the words that often come out of our mouths are, “Why me?”

There is nothing wrong with questioning God. God does not expect us to 

understand and it is natural to want to know why.

However, perhaps it would be a better response to rather ask, “Why not me?”

Through our trials, we can become more understanding and caring of others because we

understand more deeply. 

Trials often make us pause and remember to take time to love our loved ones.

And sometimes our faith deepens.


What are some lessons you’ve learned through trials?



1 thought on ““Why Me?” – Understanding God’s Ways By Bayley P.

  1. ¤Careful what I say.
    ¤use of bible verses against situations work on the spiritual realms.
    ¤ depend on God more.
    ¤ Better to trust on God than man
    ¤ one trial don’t last for ever.
    ¤God delivers those who call on His name
    ¤He proves He is the Father and the Supreme .
    ¤ He restores

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