Death Is Not The End: Part 4

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The surgeon asked my dad and I to step out into the hall while they brought my mother into the room. My father and I did so and watched my mother as she was wheeled down the hall on a gurney. She was still very groggy but smiled faintly when she saw us.

After mother settled into her room, we were allowed to go in to see her. The day was long and when relatives and friends came to see my mother, my father took them out into the hall to tell them the bad news and that Mother had not been told yet.

Later, that afternoon, the female surgeon returned and told Mother about the exploratory surgery she did and the cancer they found.

“I had expected it,” said my mother in a calm voice.

My mother’s calm manner and the way she did not cry, blew us all away! She did not express any worry or concern, at least, not in an outwardly fashion. I watched my mother closely, wondering how she could be so calm and collected after the news. Even the surgeon was surprised. The more I pondered this, I came to realize the calmness Mother was showing had to come from God and her strong relationship and commitment to follow Him. I saw her reading the Bible every morning and she went to church on Sundays, was a Sunday school teacher for a time, and went to mid-week Bible studies. I knew life with God in it could be great. My parents and Sunday school teacher taught me about a life with God at a very early age, having been brought up in the church. I had no idea that being in a relationship with Christ that had grown over years, could bring forth such peace and stability in someone even in the midst of bad news.

Another doctor then entered the room. This cancer surgeon would be performing cancer surgery on my mother in the following month.

My mother did pretty well when she came home from the gall bladder surgery. We had her bed set up in the living room so she wouldn’t have to walk up a flight of stairs to her bedroom. There she rested and I helped take care of her. I was homeschooled my junior and senior years and had finished my senior year early allowing me to be available to care for my mother.


Stay tuned for Part 5 on Tuesday.


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