“Gratitude” (Final Part” by Mavis Hinton


By Mavis Hinton

Oh, it is so easy to glibly tell others to let go of negative feelings, to

pray about them, and to turn them over to the Lord, but it just isn’t 

that easy to DO.  I knew my anger and hurt would eventually subside on the

surface, but I didn’t want buried resentment, either.  So, I thanked Him for all

the things in my life, realizing that nothing happens in a Christian’s life without

God’s permission—even so-called bad or negative things.  So:  why did these

circumstances occur in my life?  We don’t always know why, but then, God is

not obligated to explain Himself to us.  We must simply trust Him and His

reasons.  I did decide that perhaps one reason was to make me take stock of

myself.  I am sure that there have been times in my life when I have let

others down, maybe not intentionally–but rather than casting stones

at others, I’d better look inwardly and make certain that my life is

what it should be.


I am grateful for my Lord who answers prayer.  I could not have

gotten rid of the resentful and hurt feelings on my own.  I would have

been able to go on, of course, but I didn’t want to carry around the

baggage of those feelings.  And now, they’re gone.  He took them away,

and for that, I have much gratitude.  I can move on, live my life, and

not have any resentment toward those who seemed not to care. 


It is no longer my problem, anyway!


Thank you, Mavis for your excellent post.

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Mavis is the author of, The Dachshund Escapes.

Want to contact Mavis?

She can be contacted via her website by clicking here.


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