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“Gratitude” (Part Two) by Mavis Hinton


By Mavis Hinton

I said all that to say this:  oftentimes, it is downright hard to have an attitude

of gratitude. Life happens, and it isn’t always a bed of roses.  Something happened

recently that upset me greatly.  I just did not understand why those who had

promised to do something had let me down, and then didn’t even seem to care

that they had broken their promise!  I mean, it didn’t really seem very important

to them at all.  (Before I proceed further, I want to make it clear that these people

were not family members, thankfully.)


It wasn’t something trivial, but rather important to me, actually.  I knew

my attitude was wrong, so I took it to the Lord in prayer.  I asked for wisdom,

a change of heart, and gratitude that so many other things in my life have gone so

right. As I prayed and asked the Lord for His help in changing my hurt feelings,

He brought to my mind all those things for which I am blessed.  As I went over them

in my mind, I could feel that my anger and resentment were just ebbing away. 

My pity party was over, and I was able to have victory over this problem.



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Check back next Tuesday, March 17th, for the final part of Mavis’ post. 



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