“Gratitude” (Part One) By Mavis Hinton


By Mavis Duke Hinton

Have you ever had one of those days where things did not go according

to plan , or it just went downhill after you managed to crawl out of bed?  The dog

wouldn’t even wag his tail as you walked by–but bared his teeth and snarled?  People

didn’t smile at you, even if you smiled at them first?  Or, you tried to handle some

business by phone, but could not get through?  I recently got the recorded message,

“All our representatives are currently helping other customers.  Please remain on

the line and the first available representative will take your call.  You have a wait

time of 45 minutes.  Thank you.” 

If the last item sounds crazy, I did not make it up—I was handling something

for my mother (you guessed it–with a government agency), and my wait

time was actually 45 minutes.  I put the call on speaker and simply worked

on the computer until “my turn.”  Of course, once I got a live person,

I was transferred a few times and had to explain myself each time,

but I finally accomplished what I needed to do. 


Check back on Tuesday, March 10th for the 2nd Part of Mavis’ post.



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