Strength in Numbers


“A good or beneficial quality or attribute of a person or thing” (

It is said that strength is strong in numbers and someone is strong when

lots of people are lifting them up.

That is true… But is it only in numbers that someone is strong?

If that was the case, someone who was all alone who didn’t have a strong support

team wouldn’t be strong.

But someone who has no one is strong too; just in different ways.


Through God.

And sometimes there is no choice, but to be strong.

Sure people who have an army of people rallying for them can maybe find strength


But today, do this:

Send a card to someone who doesn’t really seem to have a strong support team.

Keep rallying for those who do, but don’t forget those who don’t.

And that, is truly strength in numbers.

As one person can lift someone up more than an entire village sometimes.



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